And So The Training Resumes

I basically spent most of 2014 making excuses for not getting fit. I finished a 10K in October 2013, then basically surrendered to winter. Then, there was every reason in the book – too busy with work, this muscle is sore, blah blah blah. There were no broken limbs or torn tendons – no excuse was actually valid.

I have gained weight. Lost endurance. I don’t feel strong. I don’t feel healthy. I feel like I’m on this constant stop – and – start with getting healthy. I let things unravel my plans, and I let excuses get in the way.

This week I’m making small changes to help get me toward my goals. My goals are to be fit, healthy, and strong. I don’t care what I end up weighing, as long as I am those three things. I started eating better this week, drinking more herbal tea at night instead of wine, and I am already sleeping better!!! I got out for my week 1 day 1 training run/walk yesterday —- yes, I’m training again! The initial goal is to train through the winter, whether it’s outside or on a treadmill. The next goal is some 5 and 10K races in the spring when the thaw finally happens. Then, the big goal is a half marathon in May with my bestie over at Marching to A Different Beat. But, right now, I’m taking things day by day, and realizing that if I focus on just my goals for that day, I am much more likely to stick with it all rather than stress about what’s coming up.

And so it begins. Again.

sweat pink laces brooks glycerin

- Michele

Things My Squids Say – December 2014

I have done a few installments of the funny things my kids say, and tonight’s conversation on the way home from daycare warranted another installment. I’m now calling it “Things My Squids Say” because, well, I call them my squids so why not??

Scene: in the car on the way home from daycare/aftercare, about 1/2 mile from home.

B: I just wish I could be home with you more, I miss you when I’m at school.

Me: I know sweetie, and I miss you too. But we need to go to school and work, so we have to be apart sometimes. But we’ll always be back together at the end of the day.

B: I just miss you.

M: I don’t miss you when I’m at school Mama. I have so many fun things to do. You should make your work more fun, then you won’t miss us.


From the mouths of babes.

Things My Squids Say

Brrrrrrrr – First Nor’Easter Comes Through #jersey

It’s not technically that cold outside. We have a Nor’Easter blowing through the Northern Mid-Atlantic / Northeast area today and tonight (and last night for those of us in NJ), but for most places it is just rain, thankfully.

That, however, does not stop it from feeling ridiculously raw and cold. There is something about these borderline freezing temperatures that always drive me nuts. It’s warm “enough” that I should not be freezing. Heck, at least it’s not snow, right? But the increased humidity and the dampness just go right through me. I almost prefer a good, big ol’ snowstorm — pretty snowflakes, lower humidity, and somehow the cold just feels different than with this soggy day (weather expert friends please feel free to explain).

To cope with today’s bone-chilling damp weather, and the howling winds outside, I opted for a big pashmina wrapped around me, my fingerless gloves and some slipper socks.

pashmina cold gloves nor'easter

warm feet slippers

It also doesn’t hurt that I can crank up the heat from the comfort of my work desk without getting up to go to the thermostat. Phone app FTW! The Nest Learning Thermostat is my new favorite gadget for sure!!!!!

nest learning thermostat


- Michele


It’s That Time of Year – The Elf is Back!!! #elfontheshelf

Love it or hate it, we have an Elf on the Shelf in our house. Elfie joined us 2 or 3 years ago, and we have such fun with him! Some years we go all out – Elfie takes a bath in marshmallows, he goes fishing for goldfish crackers using a candy cane, you name it.

elf on the shelf 2014

Some years it has been enough to remember to move him from wherever he was the previous day. There are plenty of 6:30 a.m. moments where I am in the process of waking up the kids when I realize “SHIT! I forgot to move the @#$%^&* elf!” That’s when you grab the elf (who is now that “damn elf” in your muttering) and throw up into the tree or on top of some random holiday decoration. There are times when Mr. Acorns and I have just gotten all snuggle into our bed late at night, and realized that one of us has to get up and move that little red, creepy looking guy. At which point we then have a very heated argument about whose turn it is to move said elf.

But I still love it. The kids love it. And really, this is why I do it. Because my kids get a kick out of it and they can’t wait for their elf to come back each year. Because they wake up every morning from now until Christmas eve racing around the house trying to figure out where Elfie is. And for those nights when I do have a little more inspiration, it’s fun to have the elf do silly things!

elf on the shelf

disastrous living room of old house

We’re in a different house this year so now we have all kinds of new possibilities for Elfie. Elfie arrived a little later than usual because of our new address (or because mommy had put him away for safe moving had absolutely no flipping clue where she had put him), but he’s here.

Let the fun begin!!!

elf on the shelf silly

(note the hideous wallpaper in old house’s bathroom)

- Michele

Party On – Dance and Bouncy Parties for All!

While much of this weekend has been filled with cleaning and working, the kids did manage to squeak in a little bit of fun too.

Miss M had her holiday party with her JJDA dance buddies last night:


Who is that big girl??????? There was a huge dessert buffet and a DJ – what more do a bunch of dancers need! I got M warmed up on the dance floor with the Cha Cha Slide, then she was out there twirling and whirling with all the big girls.

Then Master B got to have a bouncy good time celebrating a school classmate’s birthday at Pump It Up this morning!

birthday party pump it up

Now it’s time for a little more work, then maybe we can finally get some ornaments on this lonely tree!!!!!!!

bare tree xmas 2014

- Michele

Car Repairs, Rain, and a Party

It’s a rainy Saturday here in the lovely Garden State. But at least that means it’s warmer! And a gloomy day is a great excuse to burn my new candle from Ava Anderson Non-Toxic.

non-toxic ava anderson candle

I have to work most of this weekend (boo!), as I have a very important brief due Wednesday, but the rain somehow makes that easier, and we’re squeezing in some fun where we can.

Like getting the oil changed in both cars. Yep. Party animals, right here.

Or running errands to Home Depot to pick up caulk for drafty window ledges and drain clog remover stuff for the bathroom sink (those are for Mr. Acorns to deal with).

Tonight will be a break from work when I take the lovely Miss M to her dance school holiday party. We joined the Jill Justin Dance Alliance family this fall with Miss M in pre-ballet, and we are very happy. We’re still getting to know everyone there, so I thought that stopping by the holiday party would be a great chance to see and meet more of the teachers and staff instead of the always-harried Thursday night rush.

Oh, and. Miss M picked out her own clothes today:

chose her own outfitLight green-ish print turtleneck, black w/ white stars skirt, and you can’t quite see them, but they are purple & pink leggings w/ a bow print. With her black boots. LOVE HER!

- Michele


Roots and Sweats

Ahhh. Friday night.
It was a long week. Five day workweek after a week of vacation. First (nearly)  full time work week in a long time.
But I managed to get my roots colored Wednesday on my lunch break, so that was good. I am 10000% in love with my red hair, by the way. Love.


Tonight I’m in my NH sweatpants, which are crazy comfy, along with my boot-style slippers and camouflage sweatshirt from Target.
Sipping on some wine.
Watching AHS: Freak Show.



Happy weekend!! 

Finding Time to Blog

I’m a big, giant blogging failure in 2014. Work has been increasing, and I’m not working just about full-time. With increased lawyer hours come far fewer writing hours, and it just plain sucks sometimes.

I have 3 baskets of CLEAN laundry sitting in my office. Because the only time I finally get a chance to do it is 9pm, and then I can’t put any kid clothes away because they are sleeping.

I managed to wipe down the kids’ bathroom while giving them showers/baths, but the main bathroom? No comment.

I haven’t seen the top of our kitchen table in weeks. Eating in the living room is now the norm. On the new rug, that I said we wouldn’t eat on all the time when we moved 9 months ago. HA.

I have less and less patience for my kids. I only see them for a few hours a day, and I cannot stand that most of that is spent with one or the other whining, them fighting, or someone throwing a fit about something.

And this weekend I have to work. Probably next weekend too. Because court-ordered deadlines do not care that I’m tired, or have other things I need to do. Like sleep.

Alas, this blog has fallen to the furthest burner I think I have. Possibly even behind the 3 loads of clean laundry still sitting in baskets in my office. But I am here. I promise to write when I can.

Until next time!



Fall Hair Color – Bringing in the Reds

One thing I LOVE about the change of seasons is the chance to reinvent yourself a little. Try a different clothing style out – new jeans style, or try out that crazy wrap sweater thing you’ve seen in the store.

For me, fall brings with it a chance to change my hair color as well. While I cannot do the purple, turquoise, or fire engine red streaks that I did before I was a public-facing lawyer again, I can still have a little fun with the seasons and change-up my look.

This was my end-of-summer color — the highlights had gotten much lighter from all my sun exposure (please forgive the frizz, it rained ALL week and it was just impossible to deal with), and the warm tones had started to fade.

summer hair highlights

So for fall, I wanted to warm it up a bit as well as darken it. My amazing colorist (and stylist, and just my most wonderful hair person – Kim) and I went over a few options, and this is what we came up with:

fall autumn red hair dark

To put them side by side – here you go!

summer fall hair before after

I’m loving it, bringing in the fall colors!

And if you happen to live in the Edison/Woodbridge/Metuchen/etc. area of New Jersey and need a hair stylist & colorist who just ROCKS, give Kim a call at Transitions Salon. You will love her. You can tell I do!

selfie hair color fall

What to Write, What to Write….

I have been in a bit of blog funk lately, in case you haven’t noticed by my silence. Work was crazy for a while, so I lacked the time to write and participate with blogging groups and brands as much as I wished. Then, well, life just got away from me.

But I am here. I thought I would return today with a stream-of-consciousness post just reviewing the past few months and looking forward to what is to come.

We traveled a ton this summer, and it was amazing. 15 days on the road to Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and back home. An entire week in New Hampshire with family. Work insanity before and after the trips. Then, finally, in September, work has settled down and I am ready to refocus and start some new routines.

Then our cat got very ill very quickly, as I have posted about his passing last week. The kids have been having a hard time dealing with the loss of their furry friend, so there have been more tears and slightly more cranky moments than we’ve been used to. We’ve shared our bed with the kids a lot more in the past week, and that’s just fine with us. Hopefully they will keep feeling better with each passing week.

I changed my running goals, and am working toward getting back out on the road more often this week. Mr. Acorns is home this week before starting his new job next Monday, so we’re also getting a lot of things done around the house that we couldn’t do amid the chaos of moving. We’re officially a stroller-free household now, and we’re purging a lot of stuff from the basement. It feels great.

I hope to be on here more regularly, and I will definitely be sharing some of my new favorite things!!