New Hexbug Nano V2 – Watch How They Can Climb!!

***Disclaimer – this post ranks a sponsored level 1. As always, all of the opinions expressed herein are my very own, as I don’t really like people telling me what to say.***

It was about one year ago right now that my children discovered the wonder and awesomeness that are Hexbugs.

If you have children aged 4+ or so, and you have not heard of HexBugs, then here is your chance to check them out and maybe even win some for yourself!

HexBugs are a family of super fun robotic creatures, including Warriors, Bugs, Aquabots, and the Nano, which is the subject of this post and contest. The original Hexbug Nano was a major hit in our house and with my niece. A little vibrating wonder with rubber/silicone legs that wanders all over the place, in and out of the awesome track sets available for them. Super fun.

But now, Hexbug has taken the Nano to a WHOLE new level with the Nano V2. Because what can these awesome little creatures do now?


Yes, that’s right. The Hexbug Nano V2 have little silicone ‘feet’ on both sides of their body now, and they come with a fun little plastic rectangular tube that they can climb up. The sets are fun, coming with tubes and tunnels that go horizontal, vertical, and even a Black Hole set that drops the V2s into a vortex and leaves them scrambling for a new direction.

Here’s a quick snapshot of one of the Nano V2 habitats in action (this one is the Watch Tower set):

Hexbug nano v2 they can climb

Now for your chance to win one of these Hexbug Nano V2 climbing sets for your family. Hexbug is hosting a #theycanclimb contest on Vine and Instagram. Take a video on either Vine or Instagram, post it with the #theycanclimb hashtag, and be entered to win today. Now through September 29, 2013, you can enter once a week with your very own #theycanclimb video. Each weekly entry will get you a $5 coupon toward a purchase on, and each week there will be one winner of a Black Hole set for their V2s to run around in. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can view a sample here and here, or search the #theycanclimb hashtag on Vine (@hexbug) or Instragram (@hexbugnano).

Don’t waste time – grab your phone, make a video of someone or something climb-inspired, and enter to win today!!!

(Here’s that legalese fine print stuff no one wants to read but we have to tell you about so everything stays fair and everyone plays by the same rules. Just like Kindergarten.)

Don’t forget – the contest ends at 11:59:59 p.m. US Central time, September 29, 2013. So enter NOW.

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